Good evening Ladies, Gents, and those that may be fluid or nonconforming. Pleasure to meet you, My name is Miss Trans Cutie, and I’m very much look forward to showing off my eccentric personality in the metaverse. : )

From me you shall find solo tease style shots, realistic representations of intimacy with a trans girl, and lots of fetish/bdsm goodness. I’m very much a dominant at heart: seduction, humiliation, and a little bit of sadism with a smile, all done within my subbie’s likes.However on occasion you may catch me bottoming for someone, and showing off what a teasing exhibitionist I can be.

Age: 23
Scene Role: Dominant/Kinky bitch
Gender: Trans Girl Cutie <3
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 132 lbs
Eyes: Deep brown and Hypnotic
Hair Colour: Brown, shoulder length
Bra Size: Growing A
Penis Size: 7″ – curved
Pubic Hair: Shaved
Ethnicity: Very British