Interesting Fact: Not a single model has ever seen themselves in VR and not been happy with the result. Not one in 2 years of shooting even those who spend many hours taking and selecting the best photos for their profile. Contrast that to video and photographs where people agonize over how they look to an extreme. I believe this may be due to the very real nature of VR video. It captures things as they are. As if you were actually there. Photos and regular videos can be shot in a way that fools your mind into seeing something that is not there. Like your best side. Who the fuck says that in real life? ALL OF YOU is your best side.

We firmly believe that what we are all doing is far more important than building a stable monthly income for MetaverseXXX team members but rather we are setting the tables for a new era of what is sexy, what is acceptable and what is the norm for porn. That is why we have all genres of content on one site. May make some of you uncomfortable, but that only means that somewhere deep inside we hit a tender spot. We get it, oppression is real all over the world and it is HARD to break free from. That is why we offer bitcoin as a form of compensation for our work 🙂



When we read comments like this one above from Reddit, we know we are onto something special with Virtual Reality.

If you are near or can travel to Vancouver Canada Cum join us. We accept ALL sex-positive people no matter how they identify, where they come from, what their shape is etc. It is ALL sexy and VR seems to be able to capture this like no other medium before it.

See you all in the Metaverse

Markus and the MetaverseXXX Team


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Markus Edge
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Markus is the cofounder of and the inventor of our virtual reality camera VRC-1. He is also the site co-webmaster, VR porn director, VR video post production editor, passionate VR geek, Dungeon DJ, sex positive event producer and partner of Tutu_Nymph how is the other cofounder. Markus was a 23 year senior business consultant where he led large, innovative IT projects across North America and beyond. Like many geeks he loves VR and all things tech in many predictable ways, but atypically, is deeply embedded in the sex-positive culture which has been nothing short of an explosive combo. Hence this site Markus is an all around super chill, yet passionate guy that has lots to share. Keep your eye on his blog if VR Porn and Sex Positivity is your thing.