Company: MetaverseXXX


Based in: Vancouver, Canada


Founding date: April, 2013


Website: MetaverseXXX.com


Press / Business Contact: markus@metaverseXXX.com










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1675 East 14th Ave

Vancouver BC

Canada V5N 2C9

(778) 738-0693 (text)





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MetaverseXXX is a virtual reality (VR) porn production company set on spreading the sex-positive culture. The company is a community based group of now over 60 individuals and growing who have long standing involvement in the kinky and sex-positive culture in Vancouver and beyond. We are an independent company that handles everything from casting, shooting, production, VR tech development including our camera and distribution via our website, www.MetaverseXXX.com. We only utilize open source software to produce and run our company.


MetaverseXXX was incubated in 2013/14 and born in a sex-positive culture that believes in the exploration of, diverse, accepting, safe, consensual human sexual expression, including art erotica captured in Virtual Reality as the medium in which to help cultivate the sex-positive movement. So far we have built the company without banks, investors or loans. We wanted to see if it was possible to get this company off the ground 100% organically from day one with only hard work as the investment. We are calling is a PeopleStarter versus a KickStarter or similar. By doing this, it has allowed us to continue to fairly share the revenue made on videos directly with those involved in their creation. That means when you sign up and purchase a clip or soon “site membership”, a transparent and equitable portion goes straight to the people who created it. No middle person and no complex payment plans with hidden fees and other made up nonesense only designed to funnel money from the hardest working people. We believe that everyone benefits when revenue is fairly distributed versus 90% of the wealth going to 1% of the population. Read more about our equitable payment plan here.

We strive to capture authentic sexual moments without a script, as they happen naturally and record with our state-of-the-art 190 degree VR camera that shoots to scale. This means that the size and distance of the talent and space around the camera is the same when viewed in VR as compared to actually being there. To scale = more moments of ‘presence’, the feeling of being there. We think we achieved this. What do you think?  Leave us feedback on our Reddit thread.

We believe in a safe a secure working environment, which is inclusive, diverse, accepting and equitable for all involved. After all, we are all in it together and see each other as a community rather than a company.

If you are in the Vancouver, Canada area, join our community event partner, CONSENT|productions, to get MetaverseXXX event invites, including our infamous kinky play parties.


Key Facts

  • Formed in 2013/14 and solely focus on Virtual Reality content.
  • 60 plus sex-positive individuals and growing make up the community.
  • We invented our own virtual reality camera in 2013 and all the post production software/processes.
  • Established a ‘PeopleStarter’ as a new viable way to compete with businesses with deep pocket investors and those who went down the KickStarter road.
  • All company financials are fully transparent to all team members including the founders.
  • Only open source software is used to capture, edit and render their virtual reality content.
  • Based in Vancouver, Canada, but pulling talent from the entire West Coast of North America and beyond.
  • One website for all content regardless of sexual orientation, sexual preferences and identities.
  • Are currently in the process of developing our Metaverse.

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Ashlee Jayne watching herself ride herself in VR. It was trippy!!!
Reive in the Metaverse with Ashlee Jayne
The big bad wolf gets Little Red Ridding Hood
The big bad wolf gets Little Red Ridding Hood