Bambi Paints Your Toenails


Length | 1:39 mins

Come hang out in Bambi’s actual bedroom, get you toes painted and get attention from her! You read that right!!! ūüôā Here’s the deal…we have no investors to report to here at MetaverseXXX and thus are 100% free to shoot whatever we want so long as it is consensual, and legal. Whatever we want!!! As as a¬†sex-positive studio this means we are talent led and so at our last shoot, Adon and Bambi had this, what seemed crazy at the time idea, of her painting his toes POV style. All of us on set¬†were not sure if it was going to work out, but decided to give it a try. We did and WOW, if you crave the attention of a beautiful girl, who is sweet as candy and very attentive, this clip is gonna float your boat. Consider it foreplay for Adon and Bambi’s many other sexual clips. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. Yah? Nah? BTW we NEVER shoot on sets.

Talent | Bambi Venison & Adon Vain as POV

POV | Penis & Male

Preview Download:

Preview Bambi Paints Your Toenails MXXX000117


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