What is the Sex Positive Metaverse? Think of it as a Sex Positive Conference, online, all the time that you can teleport too. Think Westcoast Bound in Vancouver, or Playground in Toronto or this years Sex Ed Conference in New Jersey or the famous FetishCon in Florida, or even a sex education center in many urban centers around the world, but all in a persistent virtual space. The Metaverse is not our name as it refers to something much bigger. wiki: Metaverse. We are just an emerging piece of the Metaverse. To get into the Metaverse you will need a Virtual Reality (VR), Head Mounted Display (HMD) such as the Oculus Rift, HTC/Valve Vive, Sony PlayStation VR, Samsung Gear VR, and even Google Cardboard (yes it is made of cardboard).  If you have not tried one of these consumer VR systems, then much of what I am about to share will largely be near impossible to fully grasp. Once you try, you too will understand why virtual reality is going to change the world in a profound way.


Ashlee Jayne in the Rift watching herself, ride herself. TRIPPY!!!

It may sound a little foreign now, but when you look 3-5 years down the road, people will be using VR to meet online in the Metaverse all the time. In fact many experts predict that people will dedicate a room in their home to VR.  Just like we have for the TV for the past 50+ years. HTC/Valve’s VR system, completely tracks a 15′ × 15′ room down to sub millimeter accuracy. This means than when you put on your VR HMD, that 15x15 space can be anything. This is not vaporware…this is here now…today. Those who have tried demos of this system are in shock of how good it is at creating “presence” (the feeling of actually being there), despite glaring resolution limitations.  You may already have experienced this, as our VR videos invoke presence too. For example, you may have seen a girl squirting in a video before, but that same squirting in our VR videos makes people flinch, or even jump out of their chair like John Baku founder of Fetlife.com.  More on our VR videos later.


Reive in the Metaverse with Ashlee Jayne

Reive in the Metaverse with Ashlee Jayne

…imagine if you will for just a moment that you have one of these new VR Systems in your home and you decide you want to go to a class on flogging or how to make a girl squirt, or a introductory class on rope.  In our world, you would simply go to MetaverseXXX.com inside of a Metaverse browser (think web browser for the Metaverse), step into the portal in your VR room (aka the “family” room…coincidence?) and enter our Metaverse. That is where the real world is left behind as you will find yourself in a lobby somewhere other than your VR room. You quickly look around to gather your surroundings and realize you are at something like one of the above conferences.  In fact, just imagine any conference you have been too. Does not have to be sex-positive.  Imagine this is the space you are in right now.  Looks just the same and your mind is convinced you are there. This is what VR does.  Before you know it, a NPC (non player character) walks up to you and welcomes you to the Sex-Positive Metaverse while handing you a schedule of live classes available in the next few hours, plus many previously captured classes if you wish to listen and watch on your own schedule. You select a couple participation classes that interests you. You can either “teleport” to the first classroom or get navigation and simply walk there (15′ x 15′ Roaming Experiments).  Once you arrive in the classroom you meet other guests mingling and taking seats. The room will grow or shrink in size to accommodate guests perhaps with an audible warning that the room is about to “reconfigure”. Of course everyone else in the room will also be at home in their VR rooms, but like you, their mind will be convinced they are in the same theatre/classroom with others.  Facial expressions, eye tracking and even body tracking will bring your avatar of choice to life.  This is absolutely coming – and faster than the most realize. Why???  Really??? How???

3a7bbf2Moore’s Law! Just Google it if you are not familiar (Moore’s Law).  I believe the people should be aware of it and the many similar emerging patterns in areas such as storage and Internet speeds. There are some great Ted Talks on it. The Moore’s Law effect for lack of a better word, is the part that most people do not realize.  Simply, we are about to enter an era of computing power over the next 5-10 years that will make all the progress of computers to date seem trivial. By ~2020 we may have computer chips that are as powerful as the human brain. Yes as powerful.  This does not mean alive or sentient, but powerful enough for robots/npc to perform amazing acrobats, or for computers to be able to interpret photos like us or even have environmental awareness etc.  It’s very predictable as computer power has been doubling every ~24 months since the 1940’s and unless that suddenly changes, the above future is coming whether we are ready or not. The ramifications on our species are vast and wide.  Virtual Reality will be one of the many benefactors.  It has recently be reported that there has been a slowdown in Moore’s Law and I suspect the root cause may be that we need more people to have access to education and be free to explore and express themselves within the respectful boundaries of others. I believe the Metaverse opens up this very door and once global mass adoption takes place, just about every human will have the tools to create their Metaverse any way they desire and take advantage of others creations be it entertain or education. What will we discovery?  Imagine the potential and positive impact.

MARKUS behind the eyes of VRC|1 (Virtual Reality Camera | 1)

The tools to develop the Metaverse I described above are here, but are not ready for mass consumption yet.  1-3 years down the line you will not have to go to a website to enter the Metaverse via VR Videos, but rather you would go to something akin to portal into a custom made environment. We have many plans on what we wish to build in the Sex-Positive Metaverse and are currently exploring the many emerging options, such as Unreal Engine with JanusVR. We are also exploring new capture options including the use of Holographic video, LiDAR, and Light Field technologies. For now however, VR Video is very accessible, manageable and can deliver presence and a human connection like no other, so we have been busy shooting VR videos on all sort of scenes to seed the Sex Positive Metaverse.  We plan to shoot consent group discussions, sex positive group discussions, an introductory Rope class, an introductory Flogging class, trans support group and a number of different safety classes. Plus we have been shooting our mlog and Pornstar Pop’n shows which are also part of our Sex Positive Metaverse.  Many videos will be free while others for a small fee. Free introductory class on Flogging, with advanced classes 2 and 3 each $3.99 or a subscription for example.  Again with revenue always being fairly, transparently and equitably with all those involved.

Fear not! We are not here to replace real world sex-positive conferences, rather just augment and make them more accessible. We even see benefits for people who physically go to sex-positive conferences, as there is always those situations where 2 classes you really want to go to are on at the same time. Now you can go back and attend the one you missed almost as if you were there in the room quietly participating.  VR represents a big step in education effectiveness.  

the_first_holodeck_by_brandtk-d6z45jxClearly we are entering a new era for humanity and here at MetaverseXXX, we believe we have an opportunity to establish the Sex-Positive Metaverse and free millions of people around the world from sex-negative repression. We are certain that generations to come will look back at this point in history as the Cambrian explosion of the Metaverse. This really is a major milestone for our species and from here on out it will only be refinements of the technology to get it to the point of the Holodeck or for lack of a better example the Matrix (less evil aliens hopefully LOL).  

If all of this is hard to take in, it could mean you have not tried VR yet, as once you do it will all make more sense.  Then the lights will go on as EVERYONE is surprised by the experience after their first try. It is eye opening and not quite what you expected. That is the magic of the Virtual Reality.

Markus and the MetaverseXXX team


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Markus Edge
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About the Author:

Markus is the cofounder of MetaverseXXX.com and the inventor of our virtual reality camera VRC-1. He is also the site co-webmaster, VR porn director, VR video post production editor, passionate VR geek, Dungeon DJ, sex positive event producer and partner of Tutu_Nymph how is the other cofounder. Markus was a 23 year senior business consultant where he led large, innovative IT projects across North America and beyond. Like many geeks he loves VR and all things tech in many predictable ways, but atypically, is deeply embedded in the sex-positive culture which has been nothing short of an explosive combo. Hence this site Markus is an all around super chill, yet passionate guy that has lots to share. Keep your eye on his blog if VR Porn and Sex Positivity is your thing.