MetaverseXXX Talent Recruitment Team

This is Markus Edge and Tutu Nymph co-founders of MetaverseXXX (pronounced triple X), an independent, Virtual Reality Porn Studio based out of Vancouver. We are looking for talent to join our now 60+ people all making interesting, diverse and HOT adult content for the emerging virtual reality space. Virtual Reality Porn is unlike anything else that has come before it as it literally makes our customers feel like they are right in the room with the models and part of the action. This has opened up a lot of new doors for us, especially around intimacy which has been missing in past porn formats like videos and photos.

We are currently seeking all genders including non binary, ages 18+ (we have talent from 19 to 60 years on the team) and all ethnicity. Cisgender men must either apply with a female partner or be bi as we get a lot of straight men who we are unable to find a female to shoot with. Web Cam models are particularly well suited for the transition to shooting in VR.

We are looking for talent that is in it for the long haul as see adult entertainment as a career option they would like to grow into along with the rise of Virtual Reality over the new 3-5 years. Before applying please review this checklist and make sure this is right for you:

  1. We have an equitable payment plan that is VERY different than the industry norm in that your income is directly tied to how well your content sells and how well you market yourself on social media. Please read: What is a PeopleStarter?
  2. Being in porn is not without risk both obvious and some not so obvious. Please read this and be informed before moving forward or not.
  3. We require initial and ongoing STI testing every 3 months (see STI Quick Reference).
  4. Two pieces of government issued ID
  5. Be prepared to come meet us in East Van for a VR Porn demo, and discussion before any shoots are planned.
  6. We are talent led which means you tell us what you want to shoot and not the other way around. You are in control!

Tutu Nymph and I have been doing this since 2014 and were the second VR Porn studio in the world to be doing this. All we make is VR Porn. We invented all the technology and processes to make this happen and as such have a distinct global advantage that has set us all up for success in the coming years. Cum join our growing family of 60+ models and be a part of the future.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Markus, Tutu Nymph, Kinkyfinisher and the growing MetaverseXXX Family


Founder, Recruiter, Editor, Finance.

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Founder, Recruiter, Director, VR Tech Creator.

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