Hello, I am Monstress Savage but you will refer to me as Ms. Savage… until I have you crawling on the floor begging.

Why the title, Monstress? It’s a portmanteau of “mistress” and “monster”. I embrace my femininity and sensuality through femdom but also revel in rough, primal play. Some of my best tools are my teeth and claws, digging into your soft, vulnerable flesh.

I am the lover & protégé of KinkyFinisher, and I only submit to him. Everyone else is meat for me to devour, for I have an insatiable carnal appetite. I love to play with cute boys and girls, making them moan, scream and BEG for more.

Are you ready to enter my Metaverse? I have such sights to show you…

Ms. Savage

Age: 31
Aka: Monstress Savage, Mistress Savage, SavageBB
Scene Role: Primal Domme/Exhibitionist
Gender: Female
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 118lbs
Eyes: Hazel
Hair Color: Red
Bra Size: 32DD
Pubic Hair: Trimmed
Ethnicity: White/Mixed