The Untamed Lion can at first seem quite harmless. He is purring in your ear after all, how dangerous could he be??? Well the purring is just foreplay as he stalks the jungle looking for his willing prey. If you consent to be pounced upon you will find out quickly what it is like to be ravaged by a wild animal. His victims never perish but their hair is fucked up and they have that shocked but satisfied look in their eyes and that stupid “I just got fucked so good” smile on their face. He is insatiable and can handle multiple prey at once without a problem as you shall soon witness yourself if you stick around….

Age: 47
Height: 5’10”
Hair Color: browntastic
Gender: male
Scene Role: Dom swinger
Pubic Hair: shaved
Ethnicity: caucasian
Favorite position: doggy style boy doggy