You might have seen or heard from that the revenue from our video sales is fairly shared between all involved its creation. We are calling it a PeopleStarter. If you have asked yourself “What does this really mean and how exactly are people paid”? this is the blog entry is for you.

Before I can explain what we have done, let me back up the bus and explain where we are coming from. Let’s start by examining how business and our world is structured today. For the sake of this example we are going to simplify the Earth to a 10x10 grid as seen below. Now, let’s imagine this earth has no humans and suddenly each square is populated with 1 person and the world begins. The person who lands in the top right hand corner just happens to be on a very resource rich plot of land, while everyone else’s tiles have significantly less resources, in some cases none at all. In today’s world, the person in the top right hand corner, let’s call them the ‘ruler’, recognizes their advantage and ‘leverages’ their situation by exploiting the other 99 people that need resources to live. Some of the people are captured as slaves and are forced to work for the ruler. Others are paid minimum wage to build a massive empire and then sell good and services on the ruler’s terms to the remaining free people who have no choice but to buy from the ruler. As a result of this scenario the ruler ends up being enriched by the other 99 people which leaves even less for them. Repeat over many generations. Sound familiar? It is called exploitation and is sad part of the human story. 

The Reality of Resource Distribution on Earth


The above scenario is more or less how our world is built today. Many of the world’s wealthiest people inherited their fortune from the same type of people that landed on the upper right tile. This hierarchical type structure is inherently flawed as is apparent in our society today. This results in 90% of the wealth being funneled to 1% of the population as the remaining people never had a chance to begin with. The house always wins, but humanity as a whole suffers. This is like a disease. We need change and we need to free the rest of humanity from exploitation by more fairly sharing resources. Yet, it does not have to be this way. Technology is tipping the table in favor of the people and not the rulers.

At MetaverseXXX we think there is a better way to operate. A matrix structure where everyone has the same rights to contribute and benefit regardless of which tile they landed are on. In our scenario, the person in the upper right hand tile would collaborate with the other 99 people by fairly paying them based on their contributions. This model allows all 100 people to live comfortably and with enough free time to pursue whatever interests them. When no one person is grossly wealthier than others, humanity with everyone contributing in their unique way, benefits overall.

How things can be on earth and the Metaverse

How things can be on earth and the Metaverse

Imagine if all 7 billion people on the earth today lived in this model? There really is MORE than enough resources to go around presently, when we all only take what we need and share the excess. This is what we believe in. We wish to be the change we want to see in the world. We think many of you do to.

So, how does this apply to We see the Metaverse and other technologies like Blockchain as the next frontier for humanity. It is going to ROCK the established rulers in the world today and free humanity all around the globe. I will be writing about this more in a future BLOG entry as I am very passionate about the positive trend technology is setting for humanity. When MetaverseXXX was founded, it was built upon the vision of equality and we believe that the Metaverse will provide us with the opportunity to better distribute resources. Since we know the current wealth distribution models do not work, we are taking the chance that fairly distributing wealth right from the outset and ongoing will truly set us all free.

Here is how we do it.

  • Everyone involved in a shoot gets together and negotiates who gets what % of each sale based on their contributions.
  • The breakdown is a little different for every shoot as the models and team behind the camera change.
  • Once an agreement has been reached, all those involved sign-off on the Revenue % Breakdown. 
  • Each month a report of what was sold is cross referenced with the % each person gets and the resulting revenue owed to each is calculated and paid out. This provides all team members with a fairly reliable and consistent revenue stream that builds up down overtime without sudden stops like getting fired in a traditional model.
  • We reevaluate actual monthly payouts to determine if they are inline with the original equitable intention and adjust as nesessary in upcoming shoots. 

Currently 40% of the revenue goes to the corporation. This we based on projections of what will be required to run the website, run HR, accounting, legal, etc. Actual costs will adjust the’s % over time as corporate costs become better defined. The remaining 60% is then fairly sprinkled among all those actually involved with the clip, both in front and behind the camera.

We have NO idea how many clips are going to sell. Getting into the 10,000+ downloads a month we feel is feasible, but who knows. VR’s adoption is still an uncertainty and if the cost of entry to compete with the next batch of VR cameras is too high, we may go the way of the dinosaurs. No matter what though, the way we are structured means that all those involved make money when everyone else does on the clips made. No one has more leverage beyond the % they contributed too an agree to before shooting. Feels fair. Right now our sales are low which is understandable as the first consumer virtual reality device only came out in November 2015 (Samsung Gear VR). We are already seeing growth and expect to see growth for the foreseeable future. If our customers like what we are doing and we have the income to keep up with VR technology, we will be around for many years to come. No matter what though, all of us here at MetaverseXXX are all in it together.

We are also structured differently as a corporation compared to others. The best way to explain is that we subscribe to the theory that when everyone is special, no one is. We do not want any one person to have more power over another. It was in reading this document from the Canadian government, on ”Why Should I Incorporate”, that drove us away from sharing wealth via shares. We did not like that a corporation has all the same rights as a person, plus more.  Really? I am afraid so. Just read the document yourself as it is pretty clear. I cannot speak to your nation’s corporate laws, but here in Canada it is easy to see why there is a wealth distribution problem. The founders of a company under the guise of a “corporation” have more power than people while at the same time enjoy limited personal liability. How is this even a thing?  While it is unavoidable to incorporate a business like, we have avoided the status quo corporate structure and went with the minimum basics to get up and running.

To balance MetaverseXXX being a corproation we encourage everyone that works with us to form their own business and come to the table as equals. That way we all have the same power as no one has additional special rights anymore, because we all do. Comparable in many ways to how people can setup their own store on or similar. Some get more and others less depending on their contributions. It is as if each shoot is it’s own collection of businesses all contributing together. simply flows revenue to those involved and only takes revenue for the portions it contributed.

We have also avoided angel investors and similar funding avenues as when we read their agreements, the sum of them certainly leads to wealth distribution inequality. No thank you! We would rather build our business organically with only people’s passion, talents and love for what they do. I know I am having fun as the founder and I take comfort that if I make money from this venture, many others will be right along with me. That just feels right. 

Now you know what we mean when we state at the end of each video that:

“The revenue from our videos is fairly and transparently shared with all those involved in its creation. That means that 90% of the wealth is going back to the people who put their hearts and souls into making these videos and not the greedy 1% as is so often the case.

We thank you for your support.

Community before corporation, People before profit.”


We hope you can feel the difference when enjoying our virtual reality videos.

See you in the Metaverse,

Markus and the MetaverseXXX team


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Markus is the cofounder of and the inventor of our virtual reality camera VRC-1. He is also the site co-webmaster, VR porn director, VR video post production editor, passionate VR geek, Dungeon DJ, sex positive event producer and partner of Tutu_Nymph how is the other cofounder. Markus was a 23 year senior business consultant where he led large, innovative IT projects across North America and beyond. Like many geeks he loves VR and all things tech in many predictable ways, but atypically, is deeply embedded in the sex-positive culture which has been nothing short of an explosive combo. Hence this site Markus is an all around super chill, yet passionate guy that has lots to share. Keep your eye on his blog if VR Porn and Sex Positivity is your thing.