I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Zoë Tersche, from Mikandi earlier in the summer about our VR Porn and she left a very positive impression on me. During our interview I mentioned that we were considering having pre and post scene interviews ala Kink.com, but upon telling her this, she strongly urged us not too as our outtakes, which we thought few noticed, were in her view even better. Our outtakes are truly that, outtakes with no planning, or script. Most of us forget the camera is still rolling as it used to be on a remote and I would stop recording immediately after the scene was done, but due to some over heating we disabled the remote and thus needed to manually shut off. This change in my pattern resulted in some truly warm, genuine, real and loving moments “behind the scenes”. We want to thank Zoë for her encouragement of this element as we did not realize the value they add to our sex-positive mission.  What outtakes?  Well, since early 2016 if you wait a little after the credits, most videos have some extra behind the scenes content, sometimes 2 or more little clips.  We hope you like them and get a chance to see the other side, including your POV body getting up and walking away…weird.  LOL


Anyways, check out Zoë’s 2 part article that goes into some fairly deep and philosophical areas of where we see VR Porn and human sexualy going.

Part 1: Intimacy in VR Porn: Virtual Meets Reality 

Intimacy in VR Porn Virtual Meets Reality






Part 2: Haptics and Kink in VR Porn

Haptics and Kink in VR Porn






Enjoy the read,


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Markus is the cofounder of MetaverseXXX.com and the inventor of our virtual reality camera VRC-1. He is also the site co-webmaster, VR porn director, VR video post production editor, passionate VR geek, Dungeon DJ, sex positive event producer and partner of Tutu_Nymph how is the other cofounder. Markus was a 23 year senior business consultant where he led large, innovative IT projects across North America and beyond. Like many geeks he loves VR and all things tech in many predictable ways, but atypically, is deeply embedded in the sex-positive culture which has been nothing short of an explosive combo. Hence this site Markus is an all around super chill, yet passionate guy that has lots to share. Keep your eye on his blog if VR Porn and Sex Positivity is your thing.